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Big Hero 6 (2014) movie review

Big Hero 6 BannerBig Hero 6 is a great movie which follows Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter), a 14 year old prodigy in robotics who graduated high school at the age of 13 and who ends up forming a superhero team with six members to defeat a masked villain. After a tragic accident which took the life of Hiro’s older brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney), Hiro along with Tadashi’s robotics project Baymax (Scott Adsit) go on a mission to heal Hiro’s grieving heart. This is a fantastic animated movie which features themes of death, grief, and depression, and which supplies great role models for those who need them.

This movie was produced by Disney and is based off a Marvel Comics superhero team. It is set in a city called San Fransokyo which if you haven’t already guessed by the name is based off a Japanese version of San Francisco. This is important because in the original Big Hero 6 comic by Marvel Comics the team is made up of superheroes in Japan. This also allowed the setting designers to include iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge as well as keep the setting of the movie similar to the setting of the comic.

The relationships of this movie are incredible. From the very beginning you can tell how much Tadashi cares about his younger brother and when he dies it is crushing not just to Hiro but also to many of the people watching the movie. This relationship is obvious throughout the rest of the movie. Also while I’m talking about relationships there is one thing I found weird about some of them. Hiro’s only friends include Tadashi, a robot, and Tadashi’s college friends. He has no friends of his own. Sure they do introduce him as being mostly alone but that doesn’t mean that he knows no other people.

Throughout the plot there are a few minor inconsistencies in the details. One of these involves Baymax’s body scan. These were most likely missed when the writers were going over the final plot. These inconsistencies are no big deal and you most likely won’t even notice them unless you are actively looking for them. They don’t take away from the story or the characters, but they are there.

Most of the characters are well written, though many of them are based off of cliches and quirks. There are only three fully developed characters in this entire movie, but these three characters are the most important to the plot. I don’t expect any side characters to be well developed in a Disney movie. My favourite character in this movie is Baymax because of his whole purpose to the plot of the story being to help Hiro get better.

The animation is good in this movie. It is very smooth and the character movements are realistic even if their models are very cartoonish. There are many beautiful shots in this movie involving sunsets and landscapes. The first scene in the movie involved the camera zooming into the city revealing many different buildings and landmarks before reaching the robot fight which Hiro was about to enter. There are many other scenes like this one. It is obvious that the animators put a lot of work into this movie.

Big Hero 6 is a movie that deals with death and grief, but also with healing and friendship. If you only have two hours to watch a movie why not watch this one. It is only one and a half hours after all. I highly recommend this movie because of its depictions of grief and depression. Also if you stay until the end of the credits you will be awarded with a complementary Stan Lee cameo appearance.

Final Rating – 49/50


One thought on “Big Hero 6 (2014) movie review

  1. Watched this one back when I was a preschool teacher when we had a day with a smaller kid count. It was pretty good. I think you liked it a bit more than I did but I know a lot of people really did LOVE this movie. Thanks for the review.

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