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Worldbuilding Update: Monarchy

The structure of the government during the time period I am currently developing in Ingrew is that of a monarchy. There is one emperor and each of the four provinces gets a prince. The Emperor oversees everything that happens in the Ingrewian Empire and he makes all the laws. The Princes only oversee their individual provinces and make sure that the laws are followed. They are the ones who punish criminals after they have been caught by the police. The Princes also help out with the economy by controlling the amount of taxes they bring in and controlling shipping routes and roads. They also control resource management that isn’t influenced by the Emperor’s laws. The Emperor only receives taxes from the Princes.

The thrones are inherited through family lines. The Emperor line has been broken many times throughout its history. Also heirs can be of either gender no matter what gender their siblings may be. The Princes and Emperor can marry anyone they want as long as they are of noble blood. The nobles are mainly bureaucrats and businessmen.



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