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Remember…? Chapter 2: The Murder

Rowan Winters relaxed on the small couch in her small living room that night. Her apartment was chilly and she snuggled up in a soft blanket. She wanted desperately to fall asleep but she feared she couldn’t after what she had read in the file. She was even more scared about what she would see when she touched the evidence.

She began doubting her ability to solve the case. In the past all she had gotten were small jobs. Things such as finding a lost object or finding out who had written a cruel letter. What was she getting into by taking her first ever murder case. She had no experience. Why had she even been hired?

She sighed as she remembered the contents of the file.

The murder had taken place a few days before near the Horned Owl café just outside of the city. It happened in the late evening when no one was around. The waitress working at the time had seen the victim leave in a hurry just an hour before the estimated time of death. She said he appeared agitated and scared when she saw him in the café. He was also strange in that he wore a hoody that was a few sizes too large and always kept the hood up so that it covered his face.

The fire department was called at around half past ten to a small fire that had broken out. They found the victim in the middle of it. The police came shortly after having been called at the same time as the fire department. The autopsy showed that he was mutilated before being burned but they need more time to figure out exactly how.

All this left Rowan Winters with a sick feeling in her stomach. What exactly had she gotten herself into? What was she thinking when she accepted to help the police with this case?

She finally fell asleep in her bed after deciding that she would tell the police the next day that she would no longer be helping. That was the best choice for her after all.

But she wouldn’t get away from this murder that easily. She woke up the next morning determined to talk to the police, did everything that she normally did in the morning, and walked out the door. She almost vomited when she saw it.

Someone had placed a headless bird as well as its head just in front of her door. A note taped to her door read:

“Stay out of Pouthena, Demivma. If you don’t listen you will be next.


The Valkyrie”


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