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Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) anime review

Shin Sekai Yori posterShin Sekai Yori is an anime based on many philosophical topics and metaphysical questions. Its story is a very interesting one. Because of the way the story is presented in the anime I can’t tell you anything about it except for the fact that it follows the lives of a group of kids. I can’t tell you when or where it’s based, just know that you should be prepared to cry at least a little bit while watching it. I guess I could spoil a bit of the plot as it is displayed proudly on Shin Sekai Yori’s page on MyAnimeList. I am just choosing not to because the best way to watch this anime is to know absolutely nothing about it beforehand.

Screenshot (187)The animation is beautiful, the characters are interesting and not annoying, the plot is extremely plot provoking. I recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys to think deeply about a variety of topics. I highly enjoyed watching it and I hope to watch more like it in the future.

Final Rating – 47.8/50


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