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A Dog’s Purpose book review

A Dog's Purpose coverA puppy is introduced to the human world after living a feral life with his mother, brother, and sister. He believes he has seen everything until the day he dies in this life and is reincarnated into a new life as a puppy. Throughout his journey through many lives he will learn many skills and what exactly his purpose as a dog is.

First off this book covers multiple animal rights issues and multiple dogs end up dying. This is a book about dogs after all, bad things will happen and it will leave you in tears. While a couple of these issues appear shoe horned in they compliment the message about the purpose of a dog. What purpose does a dog have if they are abused or abandoned for instance.

The perspective of this book is excellent. The entire narrative is told from the viewpoint of a dog. This is impossible to forget because the narrator thinks in the way I imagine a dog thinking. The fact that the dog doesn’t understand everything about the humans does not take away from the stories of the humans. I was able to easily piece together what was going on with the people in this book by looking at dialogue and the dog’s descriptions of their activities.

The one thing I actually dislike about this novel is the fact that there are moments at the beginning and end of each of this dog’s lives where he outright explains the purposes that he served in all his past lives. I am a fan of making the reader think and considering that this novel is based around animal rights I feel it would have helped the reader understand more if they were left the find out the dog’s purpose on their own. The title is enough to make the reader wonder. Does this make this a bad book? No, I just feel it could have been done better.

Now I haven’t watched the movie, but I have only heard good things so far other than the whole controversy that suddenly appeared just before its release. If you want to only watch the movie that’s fine, however if you do that you will miss out on a great novel that you can quickly read through. I only spent about two hours every night reading it for four days straight. If you have time I highly recommend that you read it. It’s about dogs, what more could you wish for?

Final Rating – 42/50


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