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Remember…?: Part 2, Psychometry

“Why would you need something like that?” Asked the police officer.

“Because it helps me with my work.”


“Do you happen to have anything on you so that I can show you? It is kind of hard to explain. Anything will do.”

The officer reluctantly handed over a crumpled-up piece of paper. Rowan held it in her hands for a second, concentrating on the texture, shape, and size of the object she now held. She closed her eyes though she had no need to. She could see every detail about this object. After a minute she had enough information to do what she wanted to do.

“This piece of paper came from the notepad of a Greg Saunders. He is a police chief, I assume he’s your boss. He bought the pad about a month ago. He tore this piece of paper off it a week ago wrote a message on it and gave it to you. After reading the message I know why it sat in your pocket for a week. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.”

“But that’s just stuff you could easily find out by searching the internet.”

“Of course it is. What I can’t learn from a quick search of the internet is the fact that it has been in your pocket for a week along with some keys, a credit card, some candies which have quickly been disappearing into your mouth, and a small pebble from a creek just outside the city.”

“How’d you know.”

“Observations. You can find out a lot just by looking at and feeling an object.”

“Really? I had no idea.”

Rowan smiled before handing the paper back. “Can you please get me such an object?” she asked again.

“Of course. I’ll just have to convince the Chief.”

The officer left after saying good bye.

Rowan sighed and sagged back in her chair. She didn’t like lying to people like that but she didn’t have a choice because no one could possibly believe the truth.

The truth was she didn’t have superior observational skills after all, but instead she could sense an objects whole history just by touching it. She could turn this ability on and off at will, unless the object was connected to an event with strong emotions. The building her office was in was fairly new to avoid the side effects of her power.

After some research she found that she had psychometry. She was curious as a child and this piece of information had made her so excited. However she soon realized that it brought her nothing but pain, especially as she was seen as mentally insane growing up which caused her to move from foster house to foster house every couple of months.

From that she learned to never tell a soul about what she could do.

“Glad that’s all over.” She laughed to herself.

To be continued…


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