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The World is Still Beautiful anime review

The World is Still Beautiful posterNike Remercier is a princess from the Rain Dukedom where it always rains who like those who share her blood has the power to control everything related to rain and storms. She has been summoned by the Sun king, Livius Ifrikia to be his wife in the Sun Kingdom where it is always sunny (except at night). She is expecting someone old and cruel, but the man she is presented with is nothing more than a child who has a responsibility far greater than he should have at his age (Nike and Livius are meant to only be a couple years apart in age). Nike and Livius must learn how to live with each other despite their differences in height, temperament, and the countries they were born in.

Screenshot (4)This is a weird romance anime where a girl is forced to marry a man she has never met in an arranged marriage. I could compare it to Beauty and the Beast in the fact that it is possible at first that Nike has Stockholm syndrome, but I won’t. Despite the way this romance begins, by the time it ends it becomes something great. Nike and Livius must pass many obstacles before the end of the story, both from each other and from within their own countries.

Screenshot (7)The animation is not anything special, though there are moments where the it became beautiful to suit what was happening in the story. This happens most frequently with scenes containing rain summoning magic. The characters are interesting though they aren’t any different from the characters in your typical shoujo anime. The humour is fantastic most of the time, and when it’s not it is because the show has taken a serious note for a little bit.

Screenshot (8)In terms of story there were a few things I didn’t understand. Some of these things were cleared up by the last episode. The things that were never explained are one of the major flaws of The World is Still Beautiful. Some things were explained, but explained in a way that it appeared a plot hole was being covered up. It is as though the writers didn’t care about these inconsistencies and loose ends and just wanted drama for the sake of there being drama.

I would recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys shoujo anime, romance, and/or fantasy anime. I enjoyed watching it a lot, despite the many flaws and the fact that rain summoning magic is done through the singing of cheesy J-pop songs. You can watch this anime on

Final Rating – 41/50


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