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Fuuka anime review

Fuuka anime posterYuu Haruna has just moved into the city and enjoys tweeting about his life. He is a shy kid who is going to a new high school and the only friends he thinks he has other than his sisters are online. That is until his phone is broken in half by a girl named Fuuka Akitsuki after she thought he was taking unflattering pictures of her. Overtime, as Yuu and Fuuka do things together a relationship forms between them. However Yuu still has a relationship with his childhood friend Koyuki Hinashi who also happens to be a Japanese pop idol. Fuuka also decides to start a band with Yuu. How will he fare?

Screenshot (190)The characters in this anime can be slightly annoying and the drama is forced at times, however that does not make this a bad anime. Some of the characters are highly relatable for me and very rarely did any of the characters annoy me. My favourite part about this anime is the music that The Fallen Moon performs. It is the type of music I want to buy and put on my Ipod. It’s just so catchy.

One of the biggest problems I had with this anime had to do with some of the reactions characters had to different situations. These reactions were off character and completely ignored the knowledge that some characters should have had because of their vocations. One of these moments happened halfway through and I couldn’t stop thinking about how stupid this character had to have been to do something so inconsiderate and hurtful. The thing this character did almost destroyed Yuu’s life.

Screenshot (193)I have to say that I liked how the anime took a different route from the manga, though by doing this the writers have completely removed the part of the story which made it a tear jerker. All this does it makes the anime more unpredictable for those who have read the manga. There are a couple of nods towards the manga in the anime, and if you read the comments people have left for each episode it becomes clear what they changed. If you want to read the manga don’ read the comments.

If you want to watch this anime you can find it on Crunchy Roll. I recommend this anime anyone who enjoys listening to good music especially if they enjoy listening to J-pop. This is an anime I greatly enjoyed despite its flaws, however I don’t think it deserves a very high final rating because of the severity of those flaws.

Final Rating – 38.9/50


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