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I Accidently Wrote Comedy

I ended up writing comedy last night while working on something for my blog. My original idea was very serious, then as I was writing it it quickly grew more and more comedic. This could very well end up becoming a serial story which will be posted on my blog once every week. The big deal with me writing comedy is the fact that usually my stories are very serious and if there is any comedy at all it is very light and brief.

The last time I wrote comedy it was for the school Christmas assembly in high school. I wrote a short 5 minute skit which was a cross between The Christmas Carol and the big thing in Canadian politics at the time. I didn’t spend very long writing this skit because I already had most of the plot already planned out in my head. This is not hard to do as I was just writing a dumbed down version of an already existing plot line with slightly different characters. I was both nervous and excited to see my work being acted out on that stage.

However only a couple of the teachers laughed and all the students kind of sat there with blank expressions on their faces unamused. I was happy with the fact that at least some people laughed, however that little bit of happiness was crushed as one of the guys who enjoyed harassing me claimed that he had written it. My anxiety prevented me from speaking up and I immediately went into rant mode.

That play may be one of the reasons why I tend to avoid comedy nowadays. Another reason may be the fact that I regularly crack jokes and no one laughs. They kind of just stare at me as though I’m crazy. I guess I’m just not a funny person. Maybe the comedy in this new story will ruin the story. I sure hope not because I love all the jokes that have been made thus far.

Now I must continue working on a story which I need to finish by tomorrow. It’s a lot more serious than the comedic piece and needs to be completed before I finish any other blog posts which means that there won’t be a movie review this week.

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