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#AtoZChallenge 2017 Xenophobe

For “X” there weren’t really that many character types that I could choose from. This list was exactly 1 choice long and of course that one choice had to be “xenophobe”. This is not a word that I particularly want to write about but I guess that’s what I get for limiting myself to English words only.

A xenophobe is someone who is fearful of anything foreign, especially people of foreign origin. If you have more than one nation in your world/setting you will have these types of characters. Unless your world happens to be a utopia where everyone on the planet gets along peacefully you will need xenophobic characters if you want it to be realistic.

Again think of the reasons for these characters’ fear. It could be anything from a bad personal experience with foreigners to being taught to think that way growing up. Also changing their views as the plot progresses is a good idea but is not something that you need to do.


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