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My Thoughts on Bill Potts in Doctor Who (Series 10 episode 1)

Last night the Doctor Who series 10 premiere, and with it came the introduction of one of the Doctor’s new companions, Bill Potts. The introduction of a new companion is both sad as we know that we will probably not see the last companion except in a few rare cases, and exciting as we have a brand new character who can interact with the Doctor in several new ways.

Ever since last April when Bill was first introduced an a short snippet containing her running away with Daleks on some type of spaceship (something that may have taken place during the events of this episode) and her having a witty conversation with the Doctor about the same robotic creatures, I have been excited to see what will be done with her character.

At first I saw her as a more observant version of Donna Noble yet as the episode continued I came to realize that she is so much more. She is observant, yes, but only with minor strange things such as the TARDIS sitting on top of the rug she gave the Doctor. With things that she can’t get her head around she spins a story to help explain it such as lizards in peoples brains or calling the TARDIS a lift. It took her a few minutes after getting out of the TARDIS to even understand roughly what it is.

What intrigues me most about her character is the fact that when she asked the Doctor why he had taken interest in her despite the fact that there are many non-students who attend his lectures he replied with “when most people don’t understand something they frown, when you don’t understand something you smile” (not word for word). What does this mean for her character? I think it means that she loves solving puzzles which will make her a great asset to the series.

I enjoyed her character in this episode and I can’t wait until next week to see what adventures she and the Doctor go on through time and space.


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