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#AtoZChallenge 2017 Halfway done

So I’ve seen other people write posts like this one, and though I am pretty sure it is not required to write such a post I have decided to do it anyway because it is fun to look back at what I have written.

If you haven’t noticed my theme for this year is character types. I wasn’t thinking about what theme I would base my posts on until hours after I decided to take the challenge. I made that decision on April 1st this year which is why I never ended up making a theme announcement post. I had written my first post “Antagonist” that night and soon after that I decided on my theme.

Some days were really easy such as antagonist and bystander. Some were a little more difficult such as detective and engineer. There were yet others that I am disappointed in either because I couldn’t think of a character type that started with the word or because I had little to no time to write those posts during the day and of course I “can’t” simply write them ahead of time (rolls eyes). The post I wrote for “H” was originally going to be hero but I changed it to human to avoid the post being to similar to “G” which was guardian.

By doing this challenge I have already begun growing as a blogger. I am scheduling more and more posts. I am looking at my statistics to see when the best time to post something is. Plus I have grown as a writer because by writing about character types I have been forced to think hard about my characters and what they mean to the story.

And by participating I have been introduced to some new interesting blogs. I would have a long list of all these blogs but really I have only been following two AtoZChallenges on two different blogs. Since I am a student it is hard to follow any more. The two blogs I have been following are Iain Kelly who is writing a continuous story based on a children’s jigsaw puzzle, and Planet Pailly whose theme is sciencey words. If you haven’t already please go check these two blogs out.

Now I hope everyone has a great Easter. Eat a lot of chocolate, paint some eggs, and I will see you tomorrow with a new post about a character type that starts with the letter “N”.


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