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Squid Girl anime review

Squid Girl posterWhat happens when a squid comes to the surface world in order to get revenge on the humans by invading? Not what you think. Squid Girl does just that and while she does have very powerful tentacles and the ability to spit out ink no one takes her seriously and she doesn’t actually invade anything. Though she did destroy the wall of the Lemon Beach House run owned by the Aizawa siblings in order to destroy a single mosquito. This caused them to force this invader to work at the beach house in order to pay off the damages she caused. As Squid Girl works she meets a wide variety of characters including mad scientists, children, and an obsessed fangirl. Hilarity ensues.

Screenshot (135)This is a great comedy anime. Many of the jokes are funny, though very rarely to the point where I actually laughed out loud. I may have giggled a few times while watching this anime but that was only because it was doing its job. I also cringed a few times because of a few characters who show up later on who are overused for comedic effect. They were funny the first time. After the 70th time all they made me do was groan because they actually made me uncomfortable. There were also a few times where the humour went too far though those moments were few and far in between.

Screenshot (162)One of the interesting parts about this anime is the fact that most of the episodes act as standalone stories. There is only a minor overarching plot throughout this series and its mostly related to Squid Girl’s invasion which by the way never actually goes anywhere. Because of this detail new watchers are able to jump in at any point and watch it as long as they know the concept the show is exploring. It’s a fun anime to watch and the best part is the fact that it is possible to watch a single episode if you don’t have much time for watching anime and you won’t be stuck on a cliffhanger when you finish the episode.

Screenshot (147)The setting, though simple, adds a lot to this anime. The beach is a place where Squid Girl can explore and discover new things about the surface world. The Beach house is a great meeting place for many of the characters. It also has the fresh feel of summer and has a warm happiness that you would not be able to find if the setting was say a craggy outcropping near the sea, or the harbour of a polluted city. With this anime you can go to the beach, or at least a version of the beach at any time of the year.

Screenshot (160)I wholly enjoyed this anime, though there are a few flaws in terms of certain characters being overused. The animation is good and the facial expressions of many of the characters are squiddly amazing. I would recommend this anime to anyone who needs something to cheer them up as well as anyone who wants to watch something genuinely funny. This is a fantastic anime and should not be ignored.

Final Rating – 41.5/50


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