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FLIP FLAPPERS anime review

flip-flappers-posterCocona is a middle school student who doesn’t know where she wants to go after middle school. She is indecisive about practically everything. She meets a strange girl named Papika who flies around on a hover board. Soon the two are travelling to different worlds known as Pure Illusions to collect to retrieve the amorphous fragments which are said to grant wishes. They do this through a mysterious organization known as FlipFlap lead by Dr. Salt. They discover quickly that they are not the only ones searching for the fragments.

screenshot-109This is an anime that is difficult to describe. It has components of both the fantasy and science fiction genre as well as magical girl-like qualities, and uses multiple colouration styles to represent the differences between each of the Pure Illusions. It is clear early on that these other worlds are actually based off of the minds of different characters. Because of this it is easy to see what each character wants. There are a lot of characters in this anime that are both eccentric and interesting, and this little bit of insight goes a long way in understanding who they are.

screenshot-113Out of all the characters no three are more important than Cocona, Papika, and Cocona’s childhood friend Yayaka. These three characters are the ones that push the minimalistic plot forward. The relationship between Cocona and Papika is one filled with contrast and platonic love. Cocona is a character who follows all the rules and refuses to do things if they could cause her trouble in the future. She is also very indecisive and has a stiff personality. Papika is a headstrong character who acts childish at times and is full of eccentricities.

One of the biggest complaints I have heard about FLIP FLAPPERS is about the way it ends. I am one of the few people who actually enjoyed the ending. I will not explain what happened here, but I feel that it was the best way to end an anime that is filled with seemingly random plot points. The ending really pulls all the random threads that have formed throughout the coarse of the series and showed how far the characters have come. Here is just a quick warning that you may be disappointed in how it ends.

screenshot-118FLIP FLAPPERS is a fantastic anime and I would recommend it to any anime fan. It has a lot of the good qualities of modern anime such as bright colours, and eccentric characters that aren’t annoying, without any obvious fan service or pandering. If you would like to watch FLIP FLAPPERS it is currently available to stream on Crunchy Roll.

Final Rating – 47.8/50


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