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World Building Update – December 29, 2016

This update was meant to go up last Thursday but due to exams and having to get on a plane I was unable to even write it. Since then I have done minimal work on my world building so I am writing about everything that I have done since the last update 3 weeks ago.

First of all I developed some more of the map.


I created the Ingrewian province of Detirran which is rich due to its vineyards and mines filled with precious metals. The province of Coedfan is where the capital city is is not as rich because it is filled with farms for wheat and other inexpensive food products and its mines are filled with metals such as iron, tin, and copper. The capital is only there because of historical reasons.

If you look at the right hand side of the map you will see a web of lines and a bunch of numbers. Those lines indicate the rough borders of each of the Sekkan Kingdoms. I added numbers because I wanted to make sure that I had a specific number of kingdoms and so that I could keep track of them all. If I didn’t do this then one of the kingdoms (42) would have been split up into three separate kingdoms and I didn’t want that.

I started working on general world building such as deciding upon wildlife, plants, and my magic system. There are now dragons in Ingrew, and shepherds have firework arrows to scare them away from their flocks. They are called middle dragons because the god of Ansin is a dragon known as a high dragon. This is to help differentiate between these dragons. There are also lower dragons that live in the lower branches. The lower branches is what the people of this continent call everything that isn’t on the top of the tree. There are demonic creatures down there. I have yet to develop all of the branches.

The continent is called the Fractured Empire right now because there is a myth that is shared by all of the Sekkan Kingdoms that states that the continent was once made up of one empire and that at the moment it is broken into many pieces. This is a place holder name until I can think of a good name for the continent. Names are hard to come up with, especially when I need about a hundred different names for people, places, and things.

By next update I should have completed more of my world building. I want to finish the stuff that is absolutely needed for my novel by the end of January. I hope I can meet this goal.




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