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Weekly Discussion Post – December 29, 2016 – Looking Back at my Writing

This year I have done two things with my writing that I have never done before. The first of these is the fact that I got my first story published. It’s published in my University’s literary journal. I called it “The Tiny Angel” and its about a girl who is given an angel locket at a yard sale, brings it home, then uses it as inspiration to write. I just got my contributor’s copy and I found out that may name is misspelled twice. This upcoming year I am going to try even harder to get myself published.

The second thing that I did was promise myself that I would write my novel until it is complete. In the past I have given up. I won’t this time. I might even write some of my smaller projects until they are complete so that I can get them published in the mean time.

I have a long road ahead of me as a writer. There are a couple of anthologies that I am planning on submitting my work to in the new year and I will hopefully eventually get a novel published. It will be a lot of work but I should be able to do these things.


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