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Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! anime review

twin-tail-posterSouji Mitsuka is a first year high school student who is obsessed with twin-tails (what we in the west would call pigtails). He even goes so far as to request the creation of a club devoted completely to twin-tails. On his first day of school after he and his cousin Aika have walked to his house he is approached by a strange woman named Twoearle. There is an alien organization known as Ultimegil that is stealing people’s twin tail attribute power. She gives him the bracelet known as the twin gear and with it he transforms into Tail Red, a super heroine that fights the soldiers of Ultimegil and protects the worlds twin tails.

Before I say anything else about this anime, it is an ecchi spoof comedy anime meaning that there are a lot of things that are over sexualized. If you cannot look past the ecchi aspects of this anime to see the humour than this anime is not for you.

screenshot-96This is a highly underrated shows. I’m surprised that I’ve never heard of it before. The plot is kind of strange but to be fair it is a spoof. The enemies all get their power from something that is over sexualized in anime such a school bathing suits and ribbons. This makes them literally obsessed. In fact every single character in this show is obsesses about something. This is what adds a lot of the humour to this anime. It’s hilarious.

screenshot-98If you want to watch this anime it is available to stream on Crunchy Roll right now. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a funny anime. You wouldn’t normally expect an anime with such a strange premise to actually be good, but it is. I highly enjoyed watching it. Not only this but this is the perfect anime to binge watch.

Final Rating 44/50


2 thoughts on “Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! anime review

  1. In spite of the extreme stupidity of the concept, or perhaps because of the extreme stupidity of the concept I found I really enjoyed the show. Something about me is that if a show leans wholeheartedly into a really silly idea I find that no matter how silly the idea is, I’ll often get swept up in the show, and Twintails is a perfect example of this. It’s not exactly ‘quality’ viewing, and I almost feel awkward about liking it, but I definitely got a few laughs out of the series. It’s nice to see someone else who liked it too!


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