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Izetta: The Last Witch anime review

izetta-bannerThe year is 1940 and the imperialistic nation of Germania which has been invading its neighbouring countries for about a year has turned to Elystadt. Elystadt is a small country ruled by a duke/duchess and in this country there is a legend that tells of a witch known as the White Witch who saved the country from a war several centuries before. Fine is the crown princess of Elystadt and during a last ditch effort to get Britannia to aid Elystadt in the war she is captured by Germanian soldiers. In a surprising twist that isn’t so surprising she is rescued by a witch, Izetta whom she met during her childhood. Izetta then goes on to aid Elystadt and Fine in the fight against the Germanians.

screenshot-86The appearance of the magic in this anime is beautiful. It is one of the best things about this anime other than the fact that Fine was so awesome in the first episode. The plot was weak and predictable. There were a few times where I felt like things only happened the way they did for emotional effect not to actually move the story forward. The one truly impactful moment of the anime was only impactful for a minute before it no longer had any impact. The relationships also get kind of weird.

screenshot-88Izetta is based in a fantasy land that is very closely based of of Europe during World War 2. Elystadt is based off of Switzerland and because of this the backgrounds are filled with pretty mountain landscapes. The backgrounds alone are a piece of art. The entire aime is filled with bright happy colours that contrast with the usual tone a war anime should have.

screenshot-84If you want to watch this anime it is currently on Crunchy Roll. I would recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys fantasy anime, but if you choose to watch it remember that it has a few small problems with its plot. Despite those problems I actually enjoyed watching Izetta: The Last Witch though not to the point where I would re watch it.

Final Rating – 34.5/50


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