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Weekly Update – December 16, 2016 – New Banners and Template

I just got back from my second exam this year. It is very snowy but it isn’t one of those nights where my face is literally freezing off. It was actually really pretty. I even took some pictures. None of them are the greatest because its hard taking pictures of falling snow using the camera on my phone.


Now you may have noticed two changes to my blog that have occurred this week. The first of these is the fact that I changed the template. The old template wouldn’t allow me to do some things that I wanted to do so I looked for a new template. The new template is one that I already love and it fits my blog. I like how all the posts are pieces of paper and how there are paperclips holding the banners to the posts. It’s just so great.

The second change is that I’ve started using banners for my posts. I only have a few so far and only two of those are complete. The Ruminated Scrawling banner you see on this post and the Anime Review banner are temporary. I want to make all of the banners I use to be unique and not just words on a coloured background.

Here are the two banners that are finished.


Basically all I did with this post was take one of the pictures that I have taken, turn it black and white, and then blur it before putting the words on top. This may be a rare banner since I don’t know how often I will do photography posts.


I’m really proud about how my writing banner turned out. All I did was take lines from pieces I have written and put them really small and in grey in the background. I think it really fits the theme of my writing posts.

How for the obligatory call for nominations for my anime awards posts. I have decided that I will post this in two parts on December 29th. I want to write these posts ahead of time as in this week. I also only have two people who have nominated characters and places so far. To make more enjoyable I need more people going up to the sticky post above and putting their nominations in. Please. So far there are two people who are deciding who and what wins the awards. Put your nominations in so that you have a chance to contribute to the results. Also feel free to share that post so that more people can see it.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a great night.


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