Posted in 2016, poetry, Writing

An Ode to Hopeless Days

Hopeless days, oh how I despise thee.

Though the sun still shines like always

And the colourful birds still calmly fly free

You come from the shadows in a haze.

And when you come sadness reigns

Because you chase all the love away.

I dread your arrival so much it drains

And when you leave it is myself I betray.


Yet it is you, hopeless days, that brings me hope.

It is you who reminds me not only of all I’ve lost

But also how far I’ve come up the slope.

And though it is you that shows me the cost

Of all the bad things I have done in the past

I know that if I had never experienced those things

I wouldn’t have become who I’ve become at last.

Hopeless days it is you who creates my wings.


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