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Tokyo ESP anime review

tokyo-esp-posterOn a snowy night leading up to Christmas gold fish are seen flowing screenshot-55through the streets of Tokyo just before something disastrous happens. The diet building is floating high above the city. It has been hijacked by the villain (the Professor) of this story and his group. It is up to a small group of super powered people known as espers to rescue the people trapped in the flying building. This group consists of the vigilante known only as White Girl (because of her hair colour) who has the ability to move through objects, the other vigilante known as Crow Head, White Girl’s father, the son of a diet member, and an elementary school student who’s father is a part of the yakuza. They must use the most of their powers to survive the battles that are to come.

Or at least that would be what this series would be about if it didn’t completely change screenshot-56focus after the first episode. The first episode is set almost a year after the actual start of the series. The rest of the episodes follow the events that lead up to that point. It paints these heroes as cool and awesome but within the bulk of the story it is difficult to see any of that. Rinka who’s “secret identity” is that of White Girl is never as cool as the first and beginning of the second episodes paint her to be. She has so much room to grow and change throughout Tokyo ESP but it appears as though she stays almost completely static. The only thing that changes is her fighting ability which improves. In the beginning and end she looks so cool, but in between she is just another boring teenage character with special abilities.

screenshot-59The powers are inconsistent. In one episode Rinka is seen lifting a person out of a car while transferring her power to the person she’s saving so that they can both rise out of the car together. A couple episodes later she must rescue people who have been trapped beneath the rubble caused by an oil tanker crashing into the city and all she can do is direct the rescue people towards people who need help.

An interesting aspect of Tokyo ESP is the fact that normal people are scared of espers and want to lock them away. Even when they are literally being saved by espers they still think like this. It is obvious that this series was going to lead to the espers showing the normal people that they aren’t all that bad. That never happens because Tokyo ESP ended prematurely on a cliff hanger. It may get a second season but due to all the issues the first season had that is highly unlikely.screenshot-61

Now the final issue that I’m going to write about is the fact that some things that happen in the show are just too convenient. Most of these things are seen at the end of the series so I’m not going to be explaining any of these moments but just know that they are never explained properly nor do they seem to have any reason to be in the show at all.

screenshot-58Tokyo ESP is a series that I enjoyed a little bit before I began analyzing it for this review. The battle scenes are great, the powers are animated in such a beautiful way, and there are archaeologists. Then when I began thinking about what made this show great I began noticing more and more flaws. I don’t recommend anyone to watch this series because of the frustration some people may have towards certain characters and plot points. This is a show that had a lot of potential but as it continued it was obviously never going to grow into that potential. Instead it just became a poor excuse for a Japanese x-men spoof.

Final Rating: 27.5/50

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