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Weekly Update – December 9, 2016 – Minor Changes

This week I have changed a few things with my schedule. First of all I didn’t like how there was an anime review on Saturday and another anime related post on Sunday. To fix this I moved the review to Friday. The only reason why there wasn’t a review today was because I didn’t have one ready. I will try to write a review for tomorrow though.

Another thing that I have done is changed a couple of the posts that filled the blocks. Yesterday night’s post was going to be a discussion related to something where I asked the readers to comment their own thoughts. Instead of this I decided that the Thursday night post will be reserved for whatever is on my mind. It could be a question that I ask myself, something that I enjoy, or something that I noticed.

The final thing I did was add a few blocks related to weekly challenge posts.

At the moment there has only been one response to my anime nomination survey not including myself. If you have watched any anime that aired this year please respond. The more the better because then there will be a greater variety in the places and characters given the awards. Please share the post with the survey so that more people can see it. I’ve stickied it and stuck it to the top so it won’t be that hard to find.


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