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Weekly Discussion Post – Dec. 8, 2016 – Snow, Snow Every Where

Up here in the north it has snowed quite a bit. Further north where I my home town is there is even more snow. Of course it did snow earlier there than it did here. I like snow. At least I like snow most of the time. It makes everything look beautiful. Even when sand and salt has been mixed with the snow in the road it is beautiful. It sparkles under the sun and it makes the greys and blacks of the world all that beautiful. Nature has turned nearly completely black and white.

Of course there are many problems that people have with snow that I don’t have to face. I don’t drive so I don’t need to worry about ice on the roads unless I’m walking and since I live so far north I walk in a way that I don’t lose my balance even when walking on flat ice. Shoveling is a difficult chore that very few people like doing, especially when there is a ton of snow. I like shoveling as long as there isn’t that much snow because it is an excuse to exercise and also it gives me time outside where I can look at the beauty around me.

Also snow calms me when it is falling in large clumps. It also distracts me from sleep and I can’t just close my curtains because if I do I don’t know if I’ll wake up early enough because they will be blocking the sunlight. It makes me smile because it makes me remember wonderful things from my childhood. It may be cold but it also brings me happiness.


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