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LOST World Building Update 1

While I was writing my first draft in November for Lies Over Secret Truths I noticed that I had not built the world up anywhere’s near to where it should be. There were many things I did not yet know such as what era this world is currently in (i.e. ancient, medieval, industrial, modern, future), place names, and the social structure. I decided that for my next draft I’ll need to put a lot of work into world building. I know that I said that I will leave my novel alone until January, but I am not writing my novel I am merely building up the world that it is set in.

I have set up a word document where I have created several categories of things that need to be developed. Some of these categories aren’t essential to my novel, but in the future when I may write another novel in the same world I will need to know these things. When I write my second draft my plot will be much more fleshed out.

I also recreated my map.


I am starting off with the area central to the plot of my novel, then expanding the developed areas until it covers all of the land. The roads are kind of too thick and I will change them later, maybe so that all of the roads are the same thickness as the tiny village roads (which is the smallest size I can access BTW). I’ve also tried to make the land appear more realistic by getting rid of all the straight lines on the coastlines. If you look closely you can tell that I’m not done roughening up the coastlines

My favourite part of the map are the islands that appear to form a bear paw. Those are the Sunlit Islands, one of the few places that have survived since before the Lost Dragon era of the development of this world.

I will try to write another world building update post in about two weeks. I will have so much fun writing exams, researching related topics on Earth, and building up my world.


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