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Usagi Drop anime review

usagi-drop-posterUsagi Drop is a slice-of-life comedy anime about Daikichi Kawachi who is a busy business man. When he goes to his grandfather’s funeral he sees a little girl standing all alone in front of the house holding a bell flower. When she sees Daikichi she runs around the building. This girl is Rin Kaga, the illegitimate daughter of Daikichi’s grandfather. She has no where to go since her father passed away and her mother seemingly abandoned her. Daikichi’s family discusses who should take care of Rin since she literally has no one. Daikichi, in a moment spontaneity and shock for his family members announces that he will take Rin in. This series focuses on Daikichi’s adventures as he learns how to be a father-figure of a 6 year old while also working as a business man.screenshot-12

One of the earliest things I noticed about Usagi Drop is its use of water colour before the opening sequence. Though this doesn’t add a whole lot plot-wise, whenever I started an episode this design choice made it seem like the story was waking up from a long slumber that has lasted how ever long it has been since I last watched an episode. The water colour style is also beautiful in a way.screenshot-26

The characters are all very interesting. Though the plot is focused heavily on Daikichi and Rin’s relationship as it grows, there are some episodes that shift the focus slightly to other characters such as Daikichi’s cousin Haruka and Rin’s friend from daycare Kouki. Out of all the characters the one I find the most interesting is Rin because of how much she has grown throughout the course of this short lived anime.

screenshot-17It is comedic. Watching Rin tell Daikichi to not put his elbow on the table or to hold her hand to be safe is both adorable and funny since this is reverse of how is should be with the guardian telling the kid to stop doing things. Daikichi’s mother and sister are also funny at times in the way they interact with Daikichi and Rin.


All in all, I really enjoyed this anime. I watched it all in one day though I didn’t watch the bonus episodes because they aren’t on Crunchy Roll like the other episodes. The best part about Usagi Drop is that I didn’t get bored watching it at all. Most other popular series I tend to stop watching halfway through if all their episodes are out because I get bored. Another great thing about Usagi Drop is its treasure trove of heart warming moments related to Daikichi’ sudden father-like status. I have no complaints with the series though I wish that it continued past its first season. It’s unlikely that there will be a season two since it has been so long. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys slice-of-life, is a parent of a young child, and/or wants a good anime to watch within the course of a single day.


Final Rating – 43.5/50


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