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A Quick Look at Doctor Who: Travel Through Space and Time

Doctor Who is one of the longest running television series with its first episode airing in 1963. Though there were several years where there was no Doctor, the series made a comeback in the early 2000’s with Christopher Eccleston as the title character and Billie Piper as his companion. Though this is such a long running series it is no wheres close to running out of steam.

There are three reasons I have for this. The first of these is the fact that when a writer becomes uninspired with writing episodes for the show they can pass the torch to an inspired writer. The second I will write about in this very post. The third I will write about next Monday.

Basically the time and travel aspects help to keep the series running. You can’t truly run out of ideas when you have many writers who stay on for a few years before leaving the show for other things. It’s also very hard to run out of ideas when there is literally all of time and space  for events to occur in. The Doctor can go to other planets with his companion and help rescue aliens. He can go back in time on Earth and witness many different moments in human history such as the eruption of Mount Vesuvias over Pompeii. He can meet many great people such as Shakespeare and Agatha Christie.

Of course the time and space travel can also be used to explain away plot holes and things the writers no longer want to acknowledge. For instance during the Pandorica arc many things became non-canon in the current timeline. Now the consecutive Christmas disasters never happened and any characters other than a select few will never be seen again. Of course the Pandorica arc did open up a few new plot holes such as what exactly has been erased from the timeline.

This is a new series of posts that I’m writing for my blog where I quickly look at a specific aspect of a piece of fiction. Come back next Monday where I’ll write about another aspect of Doctor Who that increases its longevity.


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