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Pokemon Moon first impressions

I bought Pokemon Moon on the day it came out in November. I haven’t had much time to play it so I haven’t gotten past the second island. I have beaten the trials for the second island and now I have to beat the Grand Trial which is hard since all Olivia’s pokemon are all rock types and I chose Litten as my starter meaning that I have to over train my Pelipper which I have named Steve 2 after my Pelipper from Omega Ruby.

I liked how the game opened with Lily running away with Cosmog. This cutscene and the one where you first actually meet Lily are most likely the best in the entire series.The game tries to add a more emotional connection between you and your pokemon. In the beginning when you first choose your starter you watch a cutscene where your choice decides whether or not it likes you. Whenever you meet a wild pokemon it has a chance to call for help adding community to the wild pokemon population.

Many of the things that some people thought would make the game too easy when they were announced actually add a lot to the game. I like it when Rotom tells you what you need to do because if I were to stop playing for about a week I would be reminded of the story when I return. The mini-map makes it easier not to get lost and gets rid of the need to open your map to traverse a tricky area. The added bonus of the game telling you which of your pokemon’s moves are good against a pokemon you have already defeated once is great for people who are only getting into Pokemon now.

These things don’t make the game any easier. The totem pokemon and the trials add a great challenge. Even if you have pokemon with moves that are super effective against a totem pokemon those moves still only slightly damage them because of their aura. You need to use your pokemon and their moves in a strategic way in order to succeed which is something that I felt was lacking in past games where you could use a pokemon with super effective moves to breeze through the gyms and their leaders as though they were nothing.

All in all I am really enjoying this game. It is fun and enjoyable while also giving me a challenge. If you have never played a Pokemon game that isn’t Pokemon GO this is the perfect game to get you into the series. I may write a review on this game once I complete it but since I have never written a game review before I’ll need to think about it. Also if you have yet to nominate characters and places for my end of year Anime Awards posts feel free to do so using the survey in the post below.

Weekly Update – December 2, 2016 – The Return and Anime Awards Talk


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