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Assassination Classroom anime review

assassination-classroom-posterWithin the student body of a large prep school there is a class called the E class. This class is forced to be in a small classroom building on a satellite campus and its students are discriminated against by other students as a warning. This is because only bad students and those with bad grades are put into this class. On the first day of school a couple of secret agents lead a strange, yellow octopus thing into the classroom and introduces him to the class. This octopus becomes known as Koro Sensei and he is a super being able to move at mach 20 speeds. He becomes the teacher of this class but there is a catch. The students need to kill him by the time they graduate because he claims to be the one who literally destroyed 70% of the moon and he threatens to do the same to the Earth after graduation.

Considering that this is a show about junior high students trying to kill their teacher it is screenshot-40quite light-hearted most of the time. The large cast of characters are presented in such a way that it is easy to get to know at least most of them to a degree. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The characters play off of each other to create humour and none of the jokes get overplayed. The most the same single joke is made in the entire series is about three times.

screenshot-51Also since this is an anime about teaching kids how to become skilled assassins to kill theirscreenshot-38 teacher the plot does get serious at times. Especially near the end. Not once did I get bored watching Assassination Classroom. I only had to take a break because I was crying too hard to read the subtitles.


All in all I feel as though this is a near perfect anime. A couple of the characters are underutilized which is why its not perfect. I have very few complaints considering that this anime is over 40 episodes long. I would recommend this series to anyone who wants something good to watch. I wouldn’t recommend it to who is completely against swearing and violence because there is some swearing (in English in the subtitles) as well as a lot of violence since this is an anime about assassination.

Final Rating – 48.5/50

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2 thoughts on “Assassination Classroom anime review

  1. I was just stunned at the end to and had to pause because I just could not keep watching. I then went back and rewatched that scene. I don’t think any anime has made me cry quite that much in a long time (Angel Beats was probably the only anime I’ve ever had quite that reaction to the ending of previously). I really enjoyed Assassination Classroom and I’m glad it concluded well.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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