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Weekly Update – December 2, 2016 – The Return and Anime Awards Talk

It is December now meaning that I actually have time to write posts like this again. Though today I nearly didn’t have enough time. I stayed up super late last night in order to make this post possible. This is a scheduled post meaning that I’ve changed my mind about the scheduling system. This way I can schedule posts to correspond with my new blog schedule.

Yeah I’ve also changed my mind about having a blog schedule because without one I ended up with several similar posts in a row then 1 random different post. Look at the end of last anime season. I wrote all my reviews in about a week meaning that I had a whole week of nothing but anime. By doing things like this I felt like I was ignoring the people who are following me for my writing related posts. So now I’ll have a good mixture of both each week. The blog schedule was explained about two posts ago but that the schedule I wrote there will most likely change. Also any episode reviews will be on hold until January so that I can get used to having a schedule in the first place. If you want to read the post where I talk about my schedule go here.

November just ended and with it NaNoWriMo also ended. I didn’t reach my word count. If you want to read more into it go here.

Now one lats thing. I’ve decided that I am going to have an anime awards thing on my blog. All the genre awards will be decided upon by me. I have a few non genre awards that I want input on.

They are as follows:

  1. Best Female Character – Any humanoid character who appears human at first glance and who is also female.
  2. Best Male Character – Any humanoid character who appears human at first glance and who is also male.
  3. Best Non-human Character – Any character who is visibly not human.
  4. Cutest Creature – Any non-human.
  5. Best Designed Character – Best character in terms of dialogue, character design, characterization, character development, and relationships with other characters.
  6. Best Designed World – A world or place that appears in an anime that is both unique and interesting. It doesn’t have to be a world, cities count as well.

I will allow each person to nominate three characters (or places) for each category. If you can’t think of three then just put down the ones you can think of. Any character (or place) that appears in an anime that had episodes that aired originally in 2016 are eligible. It is possible that a character (or place) that you chose is disqualified for either being from something I didn’t watch or by having no chance against the other characters. I will get the final say as to which characters (or places) win the awards.

To nominate a character (or place)  please either comment on this post or use this survey to anonymously nominate characters and places.

Nomination Survey

Also if you could please share this survey with people who watch anime and who would be interested in quickly filling it out, that would be great.

The next post that I am posting is a review on an anime that I’ve enjoyed greatly. Thank you for reading my posts. Have a great day.





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