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NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 5

It’s been a slow day today even though I went to a write in. The main reason for this is the fact that two out of the three scenes I have written today are dialogue heavy and since I want to make them as realistic as possible the first time I write these lines I am using a lot of contractions. Also people don’t normally talk out loud using long elaborate sentences. That is a thing that is reserved for creative writing.

With this last scene I have lost inspiration. There is a piece of information that I have to reveal somehow so that my main character can piece some clues together and discover a secret. The thing is that I don’t know how to naturally do this at this moment so for now I’m stuck. So instead of staying here on this scene until I gain some very specific inspiration I am moving on. I have put <<comeback>> in the spot where the scene ends so that I can go back to it later when I have that inspiration. I can use the find function on word. Now I’ll move on to the next scene which may just be the final scene of Act 1 and it should contain little to no dialogue so it will take up a lot of words. Maybe not as many as I need it to, but a lot all the same. Besides I can make up for lost words in Act 3 which I have nicknamed the “fever dream” act because I can go wild with what I write rather than being restricted by reality.

I did write an outline but that went out the window once a character died several scenes before the scene I had originally planned to kill him off in. That messed up my plan which is part of the reason why I seem to lack inspiration for the later scenes. At least that lack of inspiration should be gone once I start Act 2 because that act is pretty straight forward and I should be able to reach 50,000 with it. A lot of things happen in Act 2 that I am excited to write about. The rate I’m going now I may even start it tomorrow.

If you want to see my progress go here.


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