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NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 2

Today I passed 7,000 words. In order to reach my final goal of 100,000 I have to write just over 3,000 words each day. I am surpassing not only that goal but the gals I had set for myself based on the other things I had to do like school. I am also barely into the novel and have written this many words. In my past two years I’ve reached this point after only a few thousand words. I guess I’m just better at pacing now then I was back then.

The scenes I wrote today were generic world-building and character introduction scenes. I wanted to finish them as fast as possible so that I could start writing another more interesting scene though looking at my outline it doesn’t look like I will reach such a scene for the rest of Act 1 unless it is a spontaneous addition. So far my favourite scene that I have written so far in my novel is a scene I wrote yesterday. It is a nightmarish fever dream and I feel that it helps with character development. Also it was fun to write.

I should finish the next two scenes tomorrow even though there are some things I need to do like study for the midterm I have the next morning and go grocery shopping. Tomorrow I should be able to pass 10,000 words meaning that I’ll be ahead of all of my goals by one day. My goal for tomorrow is 9,600 words.

Check my statistics here


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