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Another anime review

another-posterKouichi Sakakibara is a transfer student from Tokyo who is a month late attending his new school because he had has been hospitalized due to a collapsed lung. Right after he is discharged he gets onto the elevator with a strange girl holding a doll and wearing an eye patch. They talk for a minute before the girl gets off on floor B2 and walks towards the morgue for a reason that is unknown for the first couple of episodes. Once he is finally able to attend school at Yomiyama North Middle School he finds himself in the cursed year 9 class 3 and he notices the strange way his classmates act around him. They also seem to be completely ignoring one girl. The same girl with the eye patch Kouichi met in the hospital who just so happens to be in the same class as him. Throughout Another Kouichi learns more about what is going on with his class as terrifying things start to happen.

This is a horror anime, something that I don’t normally watch. I enjoyed it though the characters did act stupid a few times as the plot progressed. That is normal for a series such as this one. The horror aspect of Another comes from the impending doom and uneasiness that many of the characters feel rather than being from jump scares or monster attacks. Also some characters die in bizarre and graphic ways so this series is not for someone who has a weak stomach. I have seen at least one death from this series on a top 10 anime deaths list which caused me to feel de ja vu when I saw it happen.

This is one of the better horror series from any medium that I have experienced that is also written after the 1950’s. It doesn’t use many of the fear tactics modern horror stories tend to use. The uneasiness is portrayed mainly through the music which is unnerving. The way the characters act also adds to this.

If you want to watch Another it is currently able to be streamed on Crunchy Roll. I would recommend this series to any one who enjoys a good horror story and is able to stomach large amounts of animated blood. Also if you watch this series know that nothing is as it seems with the characters and that no one is safe.


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