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KONOSUBA anime review

konosuba-posterKONOSUBA is a comedy anime which focuses on Kazuma Satou who is a NEET who died while saving a girl from being run over by a car. However he didn’t need to save her as she was only going to be run over by a tractor and the driver saw her and was about to stop. Kazuma died after having a heart attack because he thought that he was dying. This made the goddess he meets shortly after laugh at him. He is told by Aqua the goddess that he can be sent to another world which is filled with monsters and has a fantasy RPG feel to it. He is told that he needs to kill the Demon King who is terrorizing this new world. He is also able to choose one weapon or skill to bring to this world. Out of spite of Aqua making fun of him he chooses to bring her which begins the adventures that Kazuma and Aqua have.

One of the most interesting aspects of this series is the dysfunctional appearance of each member of Kazuma’s party. Aqua is a complete airhead and spends most of her points as an Archpriest on party trick skills. Megumin is an Archwizard who only knows explosion magic which she can only use once per day without running out of magic. Darkness is a masochist who runs into danger and gets excited whenever she thinks of painful things. These characters play off of each other and off of Kazuma. The party nearly fails at each of the missions it takes. The first mission which involves giant frogs took a while and ended in most of the party being sad. It was hilarious.

Also the world itself can be quite funny at times. There are sentient flying cabbages, giant man eating frogs, and a giant fortress that destroys everything in its path. Since Kazuma knows next to noting about this world other than the typical RPG tropes there are quite a few moments where he is shocked or disappointed. The world builds upon the hilarity of the characters. Of course none of the running jokes are over said which makes it even better.

I would recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys fantasy and comedy. This is a little different than your typical fantasy anime because of the comedy aspects. There are moments where the series seems to make fun of not only the fantasy genre but anime cliches as well. Just note that there are a couple of mature scenes in KONOSUBA so if you are young or have innocent eyes don’t watch it or at least skip the second to last episode. There will be a second season airing in the Winter 2017 season so if you enjoy this season the next one will obviously build upon it. You can watch KONOSUBA season 1 for free right now on Crunchy Roll.


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