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Update – October 28, 2016

NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday which means that I will finally get the chance to write the novel I have been planning for months. The problem is that I am far from finished outlining it. There are a few unnamed characters with the rest other than 4 being underdeveloped. There are still a lot of things I need to write about Ingrew during the time period the novel’s based in. I still have a little over two acts to outline.

The good thing is that since this is only a first draft I can do some of these things as I go. I can develop characters as I write, invent new phrases and facts about my world with every word. The issue is that characters that I name on the fly like that end up getting stupid names or names that mean nothing. I need more than a few minutes to even decide on a meaning the name must have. Also the scene-by-scene plot outline needs to be completed or else I will be writing a few scenes blind which can result in an incoherent mess. It has happened before so I know it will happen again. With my first NaNo novel I forgot about an important character completely and in order to cover up my mistake I made up a reason why he was gone so long on the fly. The problem there was that the reason made no sense for the character.

So as long as I finish that outline I am good to go. Good thing I got ink today to print it off. It’s already surpassed 5k words. It is very descriptive though not too descriptive.

For a variety of reasons such as NaNoWriMo planning and school I have gotten behind on my episode reviews. Because of this I have decided to stop writing them for at least the month of November so that I have time for both writing and school. I may still write a review for an episode that I felt was an amazing episode but not for any others. This means that the majority of the posts during November will be update posts and my daily NaNoWriMo updates. Also I’ve thought about doing a things I’ve watched this week post at the end of each week. It would most likely be posted on Saturday because Friday already has this post. I have yet to decide if I should do this though.

Because I was working hard on an assignment yesterday I was unable to do my Inktober post. I don’t think I will do one tonight either because I’m not feeling up to it.Especially since it’s already so late. I am now behind three Inktober posts. I will try to catch up this weekend. Any extra posts that remain I will do on Monday.

That’s it for this update. I hope you all have had a great day.


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