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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 5 Review – Both Sides

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to season 13 episode 5 of Grey’s Anatomy.

During the episode Amelia realized that her time of the month was late after April told her the date. She got excited about being pregnant but she didn’t take a test or tell Owen until the end of the episode. When she did she realized that she wasn’t actually pregnant which made her sad but Owen comforted her by telling her that they will try again. Owen also decided that he wants kids more than ever because he took care of baby Harriet throughout the entire episode.

Bailey had a patient named Granny June who was getting a liver transplant. Meredith’s patient, Chelsea, needed a liver transplant desperately after suffering a heat stroke. When asked if she will give up her liver Granny June said no which shocked everyone because she is supposed to be a sweet little old lady. Anyways in the end Chelsea got her liver from Maggie’s patient, Andy who ended up brain dead after his heart surgery.

This episode took a step away from the situation between Alex and De Luca to focus more on Amelia and Owen’s relationship. The episode last week tried to do this but it was still focused on Alex. Since they have a whole episode centered around their relationship it may mean that something bad will happen such as Owen and Amelia breaking up. I hope that doesn’t happen because literally every relationship except for Bailey and Ben’s relationship has broken in some form throughout the series. It will be good to see a marriage not end in tragedy. Next episode will most likely focus more on Alex though it doesn’t need to because I’m sure that the trial won’t take place until a later episode. Most likely the fall finale. I will review that episode as soon as I can.


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