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Arrow Season 5 Episode 3 Review – A Matter of Trust

Do not read this point unless you have watched up to season 5 episode 3 of Arrow.

There were a few separate plot lines in this episode. They all dealt with the matter of trust that Oliver either has or doesn’t have with the people he needs to trust. He feels he can’t trust his team because two of the members go out on their own and create more trouble for him later. He can’t trust Thea because she made a decision behind his back which could have brought his time as mayor swiftly to an end. Felicity is anxious because Rory (Ragman) is from the suburb she destroyed last season and knows that if she tells him. In the past he must decide if he wants to trust the Bratva. The only thing that doesn’t correlate with the theme of trust is the fact that John is now in jail because he was set up last episode.

The enemy that the Green Arrow is up against this episode is Derek Samson who is a dealer of stardust which is the new drug on the streets of Star city. This threat becomes ten times worse after Wild Dog goes behind Oliver’s back and ends up dropping him into a vat of chemicals which made him appear dead until he wasn’t and which made it so he felt no pain. The fact that this enemy didn’t react to any of Oliver’s stun arrows made him a difficult enemy to defeat, but with his team he didn’t have to worry about their fight getting interrupted.

After Thea appointed Quinten Lance as deputy mayor last episode the story apparently made it to journalist Susan Williams. This story is a danger to Oliver and he wants her to fix it. She tries but only makes it worse. In the end she decides to resign, but Oliver has learned from his fight with Samson that he needs to trust everyone on his team and that includes his mayoral team. He fixes things by talking about how any decision made by a member of his team is his decision.

Felicity tells Rory the truth which causes him to walk away with a look of what looks to be disgust. Lyla comes to see Oliver and asks him to break John out of jail. Also John has had some bonding time with Deadshot which ended with him feeling extremely guilty about his brothers death to the point that he doesn’t even want to fight the charges against him.

This was a well written episode. The fact that it focused on Oliver trusting the people around him contrasts with the fact that last episode was about the people around him trusting him. Trust is something that Oliver isn’t that great at and may never be great at. This was a great bit of character development not only for him but for Felicity and his team as well. It is kind of disappointing that Prometheus made no appearance in this episode but he didn’t need to be in it. It looks like next episode is going to focus on Oliver and John which will be interesting.


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