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Friday Update – October 21, 2016

I started to write posts like this on Friday’s last week though that was only a writing update. I have decided to make these posts simple updates so that I can write about anything that’s happened this past week. This week I accomplished a lot though most of it was related to school. I had a midterm, a quiz, and an assignment I had to do. I ended up forgetting about the quiz so I didn’t do so well on that but I hope I did well on the midterm and the assignment.  I don’t feel that confident but earlier I got my marks from an assignment I did where I thought I would do really bad. I got a good mark on it.

Yesterday you may have noticed that I posted slightly less yesterday than I normally do. I didn’t even do an Inktober post. This is because yesterday I went shopping for a costume for Halloween. I was going to be Supergirl but I changed my mind after all I could find was a cape. I decided what I was going to be just as I was buying the pieces for it.

Of course I got back at about 4 so I had tons of time to do things. However somehow that shopping trip exhausted me so I didn’t write. I found myself getting distracted by things every couple of seconds. Besides I have a rule that states that I will not write if I am exhausted, really hungry, or dehydrated. This is because when I am in such a state where my body is complaining about something especially when I am tired I end up writing things that are either offensive or that disgust me.

I will try to do the three Inktober posts that I have yet to do maybe this weekend. I will do one tonight for sure even if I’m tired. I don’t need to write much to make such a post. I will do two tomorrow, two on Sunday, and two next Thursday because that is the day where I have the least amount of classes. I will try to not miss any more days until the end of Inktober.

I want to still do a drawing a day after Inktober though I will be skipping November because of NaNoWriMo. I have been working on my outlining. I started to fill up my orange planning binder on Tuesday. So far I have some setting notes, some character bio sheets that I need to fill out, and that’s about all I have a hard copy for. I have my outline on my computer but I will not print it off until I have finished outlining the final act. I also have a short plotline that only contains major events. I will wait until I am finished with it before I print it off.

I hope that I can finish all that before October ends. Of course I have a lot to do next week to since it’s midterm time. I have one midterm, one lab exam, and one assignment due. I hope I do well with those but to do well I have to put time into working on the assignment and studying.

I have decided to do a couple of things. The first of these is to start calling my reactions reviews. This is because they are becoming less and less like episode summaries and more like reviews. I will try to keep them below 500 words of course I can’t really promise anything. I will start this on Monday. I will also be reviewing older episodes of TV shows and maybe even movies. I don’t know if I will ever review movies but I will at least review individual episodes from shows I liked.

Another thing I’ve thought of is posting a photo every single day. I would of course start this in the new year but that just gives me time to prepare. I enjoy taking pictures and I would like to go out more to do just that. Also I have a lot of pictures that I could post if I don’t have any pictures to post. For drawings I may do only one per week though it would be a larger drawing. This is just one of the ways that I can add more variety to my blog.

One final thing before I end this post, I would like to start reviewing individual episodes of the anime I watch. This way I can post things about anime more than once a week and not have a sudden increase of anime posts at the end of each season. I want my blog to have a variety of posts all the time and not have a week where I only posts about one of the topics I like to post about. I just have to figure out how I’m going to write these reviews and if I will do them for every series I watch.

I want to do a post like this every week so that I can just write about what happened to me each week. This means that I will most likely post a similar post next Friday. I will be doing an Inktober post tonight. Also I will be trying to post earlier which means that I will need to use the schedule function. Anyways I hope you all have a great day for the few hours that are left of it. I am going somewhere soon so I won’t post anything else other than the Inktober post. Good night.


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