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The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 Reaction – Magenta

Do not read past this unless you have watched up to season 3 episode 3 of The Flash.

In this episode Barry and his friends at Star Labs work towards bringing down a new meta-human who was created by Dr. Alchemy, Jesse and Harry come back to Earth-1, Harry realizes that Barry went back in time, Jesse is now a speedster making Wally jealous, and both Joe and Harry try to get their respective children from either trying to get their powers or using them. In Wally’s case it is justified as he literally walks into traffic to try to activate his powers. In Jesse’s case Harry is just being his typical overprotective parent self and needs to be talked out of it by Caitlin and Cisco.

I find it annoying how Harry keeps on acting sarcastic and ending sentences with “not”. He says things like “what a great idea. Not!” It’s so annoying though I did find it funny how Jesse said that he is literally the only person from Earth-2 who says things like that. Also I like how Julien calls Barry out on stating the obvious several times during this episode.

Caitlin seems to be thinking about her own powers that she is hiding from everyone else. Also Jesse is so happy that she now has powers and Harry is helping her now. Hopefully Wally gets his powers soon though I am sure that that will involve him approaching Dr. Alchemy once he learns that he had powers in Flashpoint. Barry will try his hardest to keep Wally away from Dr. Alchemy but I am sure that he will end up failing. They did make a whole suit for Kid Flash that the producers will not want to waste for a character who only uses it for one episode.

Barry now knows that Claris is dead. This must mean that Frankie is now in trouble because Dr. Alchemy is going after the people he gave powers who ended up failing him. Barry may end up going to check on Frankie next episode before he goes to take down the next metahuman. I hope she’s okay because she isn’t a bad person, just someone who ended up getting dragged into this Flashpoint nonsense.

I thought that this episode was great. It was a fantastic way to give Jesse Quick her Flash debut. I hope she sticks around for more than another episode because having another speedster running alongside Barry will add a new interesting aspect to the show. All the speedsters that Barry has met have either turned out to be evil, fake speedsters, or have the exact same face as his dead father which upsets him a lot. It will be interesting seeing Barry mentor Jesse on the ways of the speed force.

Anyways I decided to try out a new format for these posts. Did you enjoy this episode? How do you feel about Jesse Quick’s debut? Also who do you think Dr. Alchemy really is?

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