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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 4 Reaction – Falling Slowly

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to season 13 episode 4 of Grey’s Anatomy.

This episode focused on four things. Alex’s work in the clinic, Owen and Amelia’s relationship, Jackson and April’s unmarried life with a baby, and the case the Meredith, Owen, and Riggs are working on. It was an interesting episode.

Alex isn’t doing so well in the clinic. He can’t do the things he can do as a surgeon. He can’t easily get time off to speak to his lawyers. He is busy taking very tiny cases such as vaccinations and colds. A girl comes in with symptoms that would usually point towards her over drinking. This is what Alex thinks and he scares her into getting help with the help of Richard. However Richard accidentally dislocated her shoulder as she was trying to leave and this got the clinic in trouble.

Alex got fed up of the clinic life just before he had to go to his meeting. He left but just after the bus started moving he realized something. The girl wasn’t an alcoholic. She had a rare condition which causes her to get easily dehydrated and have loose joints. Alex got Richard to tell her the news because she was still angry with him from the stuff he did earlier. In the end he talks to Meredith as he is closing up the clinic and he is happy despite the fact he thinks he is going to jail.

Amelia is worried that she doesn’t know Owen as well as she should. This led to a couple of awkward moments throughout the episode. At the end of the episode she reveals something to Owen and he does the same to her. Maybe this means that they will get to know each other better between now and the next episode.

April is staying at Jackson’s house because she can’t live alone with a baby while she is recovering. Jackson is walking on eggshells because he doesn’t want to upset April. April is doing the same with Jackson. At the end of the episode April talks about moving out since she is better and the two tell each other how they really feel. I am unsure as to what this means for next episode.

Meredith, Owen, and Riggs are working on a couple of patients who were in a glider accident. The husband is already a paraplegic and he is basically fine. His wife has a few complications such as a heart that needs to be fixed. After Riggs and Meredith gang up on Owen in favour of waiting to see what happens the wife ends up needing immediate surgery. Owen is mad at Riggs because he blames him for what happened. Meredith is also angry because she doesn’t think Riggs sided with her for the right reasons. They end up talking and decide to be just friends. However Maggie overhears the end of their conversation on the stares and Riggs pretends that the two of them were talking about her. Maggie thanks Meredith.

Again this was an interesting episode. Not the most exciting but at least is was interesting. I will watch the next episode whenever I get enough time which will end up being Saturday.

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