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My Thoughts on the Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo

Today everyone in the world has had at least the chance to play through the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo as long as they had a 3DS. This lead to data miners finding the complete pokedex though all they found was every sprite in the game and no names. This post isn’t about that though it is kind of disappointing that this was revealed now rather than withheld until the games were released. This post is only about what I thought when I played through the demo.

The demo started with the player character going into his mailbox and finding a letter. It doesn’t say who the letter is from but I think it must be from Ash because Ash’s Greninja came with it. The player character then went to the main city on the island with his mother to register their new address. Hau walks into the town hall and introduces himself to the player character. He then shows the player character around the city.

But first there is the first encounter with Team Skull. I really like the concept of the team. All the grunts move their arms wildly and act as though they were gangsters. Their theme music is amazing because it reminds me of rap music. Also their faces after they get destroyed by the player character are priceless.

After going to the pokemon center Hau and the player character come across Professor Kukui. Hau begs the Professor to train the player character and he agrees. The Professor tells the player character to do a trial which involves taking pictures.

This demo was great. It did take me a while to download though but that’s only because of how stormy it was outside earlier this afternoon. I can’t wait until the final games come out in November. I’m going to get Pokemon Moon as soon as I can. Also I am excited to keep the greninja from the demo since it is my favourite pokemon ever. I hope it doesn’t prevent me from winning NaNoWriMo this year.


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