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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 3 Reaction – Taboo

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to season 12 episode 3 of Criminal Minds.

My favourite scene from this episode is the one near the beginning where Luke is getting ready to go to the office with his dog Roxy. The reason I love this scene is that I also have a dog named Roxy and this scene shows the bond that she has with Luke. It’s an adorable scene and I was smiling by the end of it.

This is of course far different from the subject matter of the rest of the episode because as everyone knows you can’t have a Criminal Minds episode without a criminal to profile. This time some teenagers found a woman encased in concrete in an illegal dumping area. There are many theories as to why the unsub did this. These include forensic countermeasures and remorse. Of course these theories are disproven due to the fact that later on it is shown that the unsub lebotomised his victims and that he poured concrete on them while they were still alive. Also all the victims are single mothers with young children.

Long story short, the unsub is the son of a woman with frontal lobe damage which causes her to be very sexual. He didn’t know that she was his mother. He thought he was adopted by the person he called mother who turns out to be his grandmother. This didn’t make him angry though. The reason that he was killing those women was because his mother told him the truth and because of this she refused to make out with him. He kills her. Some time later he tries to kill his grandmother but he is stopped by the BAU in the nick of time.

Hotch is not in this episode because of what happened earlier this year. In order to explain this absence the writers made a couple of the characters mention how he is away on another assignment. This means that he can come back. Also I have heard that he may by hunted by the main unsub of the season which is an easy way to get rid of his character if things don’t turn out. Hotch has been replaced by Prentiss for this episode.

Penelope also thinks that Roxy is Luke’s girlfriend which I find funny. I can’t wait until she finds out the truth. If you enjoyed this post and would like to read more like it in the future please feel free to either follow me here or follow me on Twitter. That way you can get notifications whenever I publish something here.


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