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Arrow Season 5 Episode 2 Reaction – The Recruits

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to season 5 episode 2 of Arrow.

In this episode Oliver starts training his new recruits. This doesn’t go very well since he refuses to reveal his true identity and since he is being verbally abusive to the recruits. They end up quitting about halfway through the episode after Oliver got mad at them for not listening to his orders during the free clinic he and Thea ran. They came back after Felicity told Oliver that he had to show his face otherwise the recruits would never trust him and after she told the recruits that he would apologize to him.

Ragman is a guy dressed in green rags who attacks the Vice President of the company that Oliver is working with to fund the free clinic. During the free clinic he attacks the President of the company. Oliver and Felicity find out that Ragman has something to do with the nuke that went off last episode using a rag sample that one of the recruits snatched. Also they decided that his only goal is revenge. After Oliver tricks him into saving him, Oliver recruits Ragman onto his team. It seems like he has powers that are given to him by the rags. There is still magic on the show but at least it isn’t too much for Oliver to handle.

Thea is planning on giving Quintin a job in Oliver’s mayoral office. She finds out that he is still drinking from Oliver. Oliver tells her not to give him any power since he is drinking. She doesn’t listen and makes him assistant mayor. The episode ends with the Big Bad revealing his name to the gangster who Oliver is trying to beat. His name is Prometheus.

My only complaint about this episode is the fact that there are too many people wearing green outfits with hoods. You have the Green Arrow of course, Ragman, and Prometheus. I actually thought that Ragman was Prometheus in the beginning before I realized that they were completely different characters. I was excited to see an apparent Big Bad end up being good and joining forces with Oliver before the true Big Bad is revealed.

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