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Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 3 Reaction – The Other Shoe

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to season 6 episode 3 of Once Upon A Time.

This episode focused on Cinderella’s story. She was introduced in an earlier season but her story was never completely told unlike some of the other popular fairy tales such as Snow White or Rumpelstiltskin. Before the only part of her story that was shown was Rumpel giving her her glass slippers and turning Gus the mouse into a man.

It goes exactly as you would expect up to the point when Ella runs away from the ball. She only runs away because her step mother told her that everyone was making fun of her since she was obviously a serving girl. A while after she gets home her stepsister Clare told her that she wasn’t actually in love with the Prince and that she was really in love with his footman. Everything that she did up to this point in front of her mother was nothing but an act. Ella seeing that Clare wasn’t really bad gave her the magic key that opens a door to the Land of Untold Stories.

Ella’s step mother came into her room a while later and told her that the Prince was looking for her. The step mother was also angry because she knew that Clare had run away with Todd the footman. In order to find out where her daughter was she threatened to break Ella’s other shoe. Ella told her everything but the step mother still broke the shoe before running after her daughter.

The Prince comes, they get engaged, and they are supposed to live happily ever after but Ella knows that her step mother is going after her step sister. She wanted to make sure that Clare was alright so she went after them. When she got there Todd had been knocked out and Clare was confused and angry with Ella. Then the stepmother used the key and pulled Clare through it leaving Todd behind. This is the end of all the flashbacks. It is interesting to see how the show has twisted this classic fairy tale.

Meanwhile in the future Emma is thinking about life with Hook and how it will end soon. She sees Ashley (Ella) in the diner with her daughter and watches as Hook plays with the little girl. This makes Emma both happy and sad. Happy because Hook is showing off his cute friendly side. Sad because of what she knows will happen. She goes to the cricket and asks for help through therapy. In the end of the episode Emma asks him to move in with her. He says yes.

Ashley is going after Clare who she now knows is in Storybrooke. Emma thinks that she is going to kill her and goes after Ella but she runs away. Emma tries to stop her but gets one of her tremors and can’t use her magic. Then the Evil Queen comes and after a monologue sends them away with magic. Emma, Hook, and Henry decide to go back and find Ella using her story. They get there just in the nick of time just after the step mother stabs Ella with her walking stick. Emma manages to use her magic and she survives.

David is trying to find information on his Father’s death. This leads him to Gold who agrees to make a deal in exchange for information on the coin from last episode. All he wants is for David to give Belle a tape he recorded of him reading a poem that he enjoys for the baby. David then learns that his Father’s death was in fact not an accident. When he tells Mary Margaret of this she tells him not to become vengeful and he decides to burn the information. He doesn’t and instead blows out the candle.

Regina is trying to find a way to stop the Evil Queen and how she survived her heart being crushed. First she goes to Hyde but the Evil Queen got there first so there is no way that Regina can get information. She then goes to Jekyll but the equipment he is using to recreate the serum that split Regina from the Evil Queen in the first place is not very good. Regina goes to talk to Zelena which is where she learns about the Evil Queen and Zelena’s relationship. Meanwhile Mary Margaret has realized that there is another mad scientist in town and brings Jekyll to Frankenstein’s lab so he can do his work. She then decides that they would make perfect science teachers and that she will teach again herself.

This was an overall good episode though there were a few things that confused me. When David was making the deal Gold literally showed him the information. Why didn’t David just read it without touching it and not made the deal? Also how is delivering a tape a difficult price to meet? Why did Ashley put down the rifle when she knew that her step mother had to be nearby? Why didn’t she just explain the situation from the start? I know that this would have prevented the whole information important in the present is revealed in the flashbacks as it is revealed in the present, but still. This would have completely prevented the Evil Queens plans for Ashley.

I can’t wait for next episode now. It’s coming out tomorrow. I know this post took a while to get out but that’s only because I was studying. From now until at least the end of November I will try my best to write these posts within two days of the episode airing. Also if you enjoyed this post and would like to read more like it in the future please either follow my blog or follow me on Twitter. This way you can get notifications whenever I post something.


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