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The Flash Season 3 Episode 2 Reaction -Paradox

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to season 3 episode 2 of The Flash.

This episode mainly focused on the after effects of Flashpoint after Barry attempted to fix everything. Rather than returning to the timeline he was on before Flashpoint he moved to a new timeline that I like to think is between the original timeline and Flashpoint. Several things are different. For one Iris and Joe are no longer talking to each other which we saw at the end of the last episode. On top of this Cisco’s brother Dante who we met last season is now dead after being hit by a drunk driver, there is a new investigator named Julien who is working in Barry’s lab and who hates Barry, and John Diggle’s daughter changed genders.

Of course this doesn’t include the metahuman changes. There are husks being left around in Central City by an unknown metahuman. One of these husks belongs to Claris who is the Rival in Flashpoint. Some guy who calls himself Alchemy and who enjoys wearing green robes and a long mask carried Rival from Flashpoint into the new timeline. Rival of course was defeated at the end of the episode by Barry with the help of Cisco who seems to be able to better control his powers as Vibe now. We still don’t know who Dr. Alchemy as Cisco decided to name the new villain is.

The main focus of the episode was Barry trying to fix his mistake and finding out that he couldn’t. When he went back in time in order to try to reset the timeline once again Earth-2 Flash stopped him and gave him a lecture which essentially said that nothing will ever be the same since he made such a serious mistake with time travel. This makes Barry decide never to time travel again though I am sure that it will happen eventually. Of course this new decision makes Cisco angry with Barry because Barry went back in time to save a loved one so why couldn’t he also go back in time to save Dante.

After the lecture Barry came clean to everyone. During Barry’s second fight with Rival in this episode everyone decided to forgive Barry and to try to fix any rifts they find between each other. Iris and Joe start to talk again. Cisco helps Barry and says he may do the same in the future. Everyone is happy.

However it seems that there are a few things that need to be questioned. Caitlin seems to be gaining Killer Frost powers. What will this mean for her character in the future? Will Wally get his Kid Flash powers again? What happened to Claris at the end of the episode when it looked like Alchemy’s hand grabbed him? Did he die? Who exactly is Julien and why does he hate Barry so much? Of course I think that Julien may just be a normal guy but considering how things have happened in the past there is a high likelihood that he’s Dr. Alchemy.

So yeah. There will not be a lot of time travel in the future of this show. There are some interesting developments going on. I can’t wait until next episode which is entitled Magenta. I wonder what type of metahuman it will focus on now that everything is at least closer to as it should be.

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