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How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 3 Reaction – Always Bet Black

Do not read this point unless you have read up to season 3 episode 3 of How to Get Away With Murder.

The case that Annalise got the students in her defense attorney clinic to take this episode involved a guy who failed to get help after the call girl he was with overdosed. The main evidence shows him carrying her out of the house though it was more like he dragged her. Not only this but it was later revealed that he took a selfie with her when she was already unconscious. This is a case that is virtually impossible to win. No one wants to be first chair for this case. Michaela ended up getting this positions just because she said she would do it since no one else wanted it.

Laurel is away during this episode as she is talking to her father about helping her find Frank who she has been trying to contact. Before they do anything however Laurel’s father brings a company mediator while they argue about some things. The fact that he brought the mediator into this is just ridiculous to me though it makes sense when you look at the fact that his character is a rich jerk. In the end her father agreed to help her, he even got Frank’s location. All he wanted then was for Laurel to sign some papers.

Just after her father gave her the papers Frank called. He told her to stop trying to lure him out and to tell Annalise not to send any more hit men after him. This makes Laurel want to sign the papers so that see can find him. Later on when Annalise asks her how things went Laurel tells her that she didn’t want to sign the papers so she couldn’t get the location. This is a lie because she doesn’t want Annalise to know that Frank called and now Laurel is wondering if Annalise is hiring hit men.

While all of this is going on Wes is hanging out with his new girlfriend. At the end of the episode she tells him that she thinks he likes Laurel because he becomes happy when he talks to Laurel. This in turn makes the girl friend happy. I wonder if this means that eventually Wes and Laurel will get back together.

Everyone else I haven’t mentioned thus far except for Bonnie is at a casino. Oliver flirts with a guy. Conner gets jealous and ends up sabotaging Oliver’s chances at this guy. This makes Oliver angry but only slightly. Meanwhile Michaela has gambled away all the money they stole from the client much to Asher’s disappointment. They end up pawning off Michaela’s engagement ring to regain the money before returning it.

The client admits that he killed a girl though not the same girl he is being charged with murder for. This girl is a runaway and this causes Bonnie’s emotions to swell. She wants to report this to the police but she can’t without sabotaging the case. She feels bad for the girl because she knows that she would have been in the same situation had the police not arrested her father when she was younger. As in being a runaway not dead. I don’t think she was very happy when Annalise pushed the blame onto another murderer who is in jail in order to win the case. Also this gives the papers something good to say about her.

The flashforward of this episode first showed Annalise being brought to jail. In the last minute of the episode it is revealed that someone else was in the house who was still alive at least during this scene. Who is this other person? Who is the person who died? Who started the fire? Why? Why does Frank say that he had a hit man sent after him? All these questions should be answered eventually.

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