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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 3 Reaction – I Ain’t No Miracle Worker

Do not read past this point unless you have watched up to season 13 episode 3 of Grey’s Anatomy.

In this episode a funeral procession is hit by a car resulting in a multi-car pile up. The surgeons at Grey-Sloan had to deal with all the patients in the ER from this accident. In the meantime Tuck punched another kid so Bailey needed scold him. She didn’t though and instead got Ben to do it after he begged her to allow him.

One of the patients admitted to being the driver that caused the accident. She was the daughter of the man whose funeral was interrupted by the accident. She was pregnant. Meanwhile the wife of the man is holding his hand up until the funeral home people arrive and she has a heart attack. The girl who caused the accident went into labour after her brother came into her hospital room and blamed her for their mothers death.

Only the mother wasn’t dead because she came back to life. It was a case of Lazarus Syndrome which got Edwards excited. The girl had her baby and when she woke up after her C-Section she was told that her mother came back to life and that her siblings forgave her. This made Arizona because this was what she said would happen, that the girls family would forgive her. However all of the credit should go to Amelia who yelled at the two siblings and told them that them hating their sister was not what their father would have wanted.

In related to the Tuck issue, in order for Ben to scare Tuck into never punching another kid he was shown pictures from the biggest fight from last season. Ben told Tuck that the victim was blind in one eye and that the culprit went to prison before then showing him an x-ray of a broken collar bone. After Ben brought Tuck to Bailey so that he could give up his phone she complimented him on the amazing job and wondered why she never gave her husband this ind of power before.

Alex was bored working in the clinic and April was bored being confined to the hospital and not being able to work. The two of them talked about some things but mostly they just complained about their situations. Arizona scolded Alex for doing something so stupid and getting charged with a felony. Maggie was disappointed that Riggs said no when she asked him out and talked about it during the entire episode. Meredith tried to ignore her because she knew what was really going on. Riggs tried to tell her to tell her sister about the two of them, but the episode ended with Meredith keeping her mouth shut even when Amelia practically forced them to talk and told them to listen to each other.

The fact that this episode was based so heavily on miracles with the patient returning from the dead and the forgiveness of the two siblings toward their sister may be hinting towards a miracle in the future maybe involving Alex. Though he will still most likely be punished for what he did. I hope that something with his situation changes next episode though again that may not happen because we are only three episodes into the season.


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