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Anime Hall of Fame Summer 2016

This is something that I want to start. At the end of each anime season I want to write a post like this where I present my three favourite anime from this season. I am not the type of person who likes to give a specific number place for each of the entries so rather than doing what most people do I will choose my favourite anime in each of three categories. These categories include fantasy, comedy, and other. The fantasy category is for anything that can be said to be in the fantasy genre and includes contemporary, science fiction, and supernatural shows. The comedy category is for anything that I found funny. It doesn’t actually need to be in the comedy genre to be in this category. The final category, other, is for anything that doesn’t fit into the other two categories. I may add more categories in the future. Here are my choices from this season. There may be spoilers ahead so be warned.

Favourite Fantasy Anime from Summer 2016 – Thunderbolt Fantasy

thunderbolt_fantasy_promotion_posterOut of the few anime series that I could have chosen for this category I chose the one that has fantasy right in its name. Thunderbolt Fantasy is my favourite fantasy anime from this season because of its unique animation style with puppets, the mysterious characters who I could not guess their real identities (mostly because I didn’t know the lore, but still in almost any other show I would have guessed who was bad and who was good at least), and the fact that it sticks to the roots of the genre without getting too cliche.

The other anime I would have chosen for this category is Re:ZERO. I chose Thunderbolt Fantasy over that one because while Re:ZERO had a lot more emotion in it and the characters were more expressive it also used a lot of fantasy tropes such as magic, monsters, and elves. It’s ending also fell a little flat because though Subaru got the girl in the end Rem was left in the dust and there was no closure on any other character. At least Thunderbolt Fantasy answered all the questions before the last minute of its last episode.

Favourite Comedy Anime from Summer 2016 – Mob Psycho 100

mob-psycho-100The reason that I chose this anime over all the other shows that could be deemed funny is the fact that Mob Psycho 100 is funny every time it tries to be unlike the other shows where at least some of the jokes fell flat. Mob Psycho 100 was a truly amazing anime with a great plot line and many comedic twists. It is not every anime where you get to see the main character end a battle in a second or hand all his power to his mentor so it is not his hands he is dirtying. Also some of the end of episode scenes were misleading to the point where I actually thought that Reigan was evil for a while or that he was dead.

Handa-kun comes in second because I enjoyed watching it. If Saiki K was eligible it would tie for second with Handa-kun but its not. I will review it at the end of next season when it hopefully ends. Mob Psycho 100 was a special anime which broke many predictable plot patterns, was funny even when it didn’t need to be, and presented a diverse cast of characters that added to the comedic value of the show.

Favourite Other Anime from Summer 2016 – Orange

Orange PosterOrange was my favourite other anime from Summer 2016 because I found myself relating almost completely with Kakeru and Naho to the point where I had an anxiety attack after watching one of the episodes. It presents characters who are dealing with mental health issues and are trying to move past them despite failing a lot. Naho is quiet and clearly has social anxiety and she tries to speak up by the end of the series. Kakeru also has a bit of social anxiety though his real problem lies in his depression and his suicidal thoughts. He tries to be happy around his friends but he finds that he can’t because of whats on his mind. He moves towards moving past this at the end of the series after a suicide attempt.

The runner up for this category was Cheer Boys because I enjoyed it a lot and there was a diverse cast that added to the plot. These characters all moved towards their goals and in the end ended up going to the cheer leading nationals. Orange is my favourite anime from Summer 2016 because of its approach at representing mental health challenges, the relatable characters, and the realness its animation style and its characters have.

Honourable Mentions – Continuing Series

These series are ineligible to be my favourite anime from any of the above categories because they did not end last season. They are continuing on to next season. I would like to briefly write about them though I will not put any posters next to the title.

Twin Stars Exorcists

This is a series that I have been following since it started in Spring 2016. It follows two exorcists who are found out to be the exorcists mentioned in a prophecy. However the prophecy states that they will marry and have a child who will destroy all kegare (the demons of their world). This makes for some awkward situations.

This season the show went through two stages. First was the lead-up and battle with Benio’s battle. I felt that this was done well. It was interesting watching the Twin Stars battle kegare Mayura and Seigan losing his power as a guardian. The second half of the season was based after a time cut where Rokuro and Benio find a child in the other realm, they seal a bunch of demon spots, and they battle a bunch of basara. This is just filler since non of this was in the manga. Also it is very repetitive. This continues on to Fall 2016. Hopefully it ends soon.


The Disastrous Life of Saiki. K.

This anime is a comedy based around a teenage psychic. It is similar to Mob Psycho except for the fact that Saiki is very cocky and that the only threats Saiki sees are from his classmates and not from an evil organization. Saiki. K. had literally all the psychic powers except for the ability to see ghosts since another character has that covered. Each of his classmates follow a generic cliche such as perfect girl and super dumb jock. The characters play off of these cliches in interesting ways. Also anything weird that and up happening throughout the course of this series is explained away by Saiki’s abilities. It is funny watching Saiki make sure that no one finds out he is a psychic.

Those were my choices for Summer 2016. I am excited to choose for Fall. If you had to choose an anime from last season for any of the categories which would you choose for what? Why? Also any feedback is welcome. If you want to for sure see any of my future content either follow this blog or my Twitter. Now time to draw my Inktober picture for today and finish packing for my flight tomorrow.


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