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Five Poetry Recommendations

Since today is national poetry day I decided to write a post where I recommend five poems that I either liked or enjoyed writing. Two of these poems will be poems that I have written and the other three will be poems that other people have written. This list is in no particular order. Have fun reading these poems.

Blessed Are They That Mourn by William Cullen Bryant

This poem has a simple message, that everyone who is sad will again be happy. There is an end to depression and grief and sorrow. This is a great poem for this year because of all the times where we have had to grieve. Take the words of this poem to heart and remember them whenever you have a bad day for any reason.

The Ashes Fall by me

This is a poem that I wrote near a time when I was very depressed. I was writing in my notebook and wrote down how the ashes fall silently like snow and how only one person can see them. I decided that I should make this into a longer and better developed poem so I did on my laptop. Before I posted it here I removed the last verse because I wasn’t and still am not comfortable sharing that part of the poem.

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

This is a classic poem written by the founder of both the horror and mystery genres about a man who noticing the absence of Lenore who is most likely the woman he loves. It involves a talking raven. I really like this poem and I think you should read it.

Dragon Slayer by me

This is a poem that I wrote shortly after The Ashes Fall. I am a big fan of dragons and it is to no surprise that I used such a creature in this poem. The dragon is talking to the dragon slayer. The dragon is asking questions such as why the slayer wants to kill it. Whenever I think of a poem I’ve written I automatically think of either this one or The Ashes Fall.

Acquainted With The Night by Robert Frost

I read this poem last year during my first year university English class. It is my favourite from the selection from that class. It is about a guy as he walks through a town at night alone. It is a great poem and you should read it.

So there are my five recommendations for poems. If you have recommendations of your own please put them in the comments. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more please follow this blog. Also have a great rest of national poetry day.


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