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Cheer Boys anime review


This was one of my favourite shows from this season. It’s about two guys, Haru and Kazu, who decide to form a men’s cheer leading club at their university. They soon meet five other guys who help them spread the news about the new club as well as help them prep for a demonstration to get more members.

This is a great anime mainly because of its characters. Sometimes they make you laugh, sometimes they make you cringe, sometimes they make you cry, and there are even times where you want to punch a certain character in the face. The range of emotions these characters make you feel is great. Also they are dynamic and are constantly changing throughout the course of the series.

I normally don’t watch sports anime but this one caught my eye because it isn’t about another high school sports team that we see all the time. This is an all men’s cheer leading club. Usually when you see male cheer leaders they are in a mixed gender club. But even though I liked Cheer Boys which is a sports anime I don’t think I will ever watch another sports anime unless it catches my eye such as the figure skating one in the Fall 2016 season.

I recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys sports and a story filled with rich, dynamic characters. If you watch this anime remember that the journey is half the fun of a story. Also if you like any of the things I post please feel free to follow me so that you can see more of my future content. Cheer Boys can be watched on Funimation right now for free. Go and watch it. Also no poster for this one because WordPress is being kind of finicky.


One thought on “Cheer Boys anime review

  1. Cheer Boys is a fun watch and I really did enjoy getting to know the characters. I did feel that hte story was a little bit lacking at times (probably due to limited episodes and large number of characters to develop) but it was still a fun watch. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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