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Cheer Boys and the Importance of the Journey – an anime analysis

Do not read past this point unless you have watched through the entirety of Cheer Boys. It is a great anime and you should watch it.

Yesterday I finished watching Cheer Boys. This was one of my favourite shows from the Summer 2016 season. It is also the last anime other that The Disastrous Life of Saiki K that I need to review. I have a few mixed feeling about how Cheer Boys ended and rather than write the review first like I should have done I am going to write an analysis so I can explain what disappointed me about the show and why I think things were shown the way they were. I also don’t have to worry about spoilers this way.

What disappointed me the most was the way the show ended. Everything else was fantastic, but I felt the ending cut the story a little bit short. The Breakers were training for the National Cheer Leading Championships throughout much of the second half. The last episode showed them perform their routine at Nationals while reflecting on some things. Then the routine ended and the audience applauded them and the episode ended. We do not know who won Nationals nor do we know what happened with the characters after the fact.

After some ruminating on this ending I realized something. The most important part of the series is not the destination that the Breakers are going in. Instead the journey that they travel is most important. This is evident by the way the coach told the members of Team Breakers to read each others reflection journals.

Each member had one of these journals. When the coach first handed them out she wrote a goal for each member on the first page. This goal was for the members to reach on their own as they train for Nationals. They even wrote in the journals after every practice. These journals chronicled the changes each character made throughout the series as well as their  own personal journey’s towards Nationals and meeting their goals.

The last episode was written in such a way as to show how far these characters have come. Each one of them has at least nearly reached their goal as long as it was actually possible. The final reflections during the second half of the episode show this. Also it is great to see just how far these 16 characters have come. It is difficult to write a series that centers around such a large cast of characters. It is amazing how the writers managed this while keeping the plot line not convoluted.

I will be writing my review of Cheer Boys later. I am writing this during a brief break in my studying which I now need to get back to. Also if you haven’t already follow my blog so that you can see more things like this.



One thought on “Cheer Boys and the Importance of the Journey – an anime analysis

  1. Cheer Boys was definitely all about the journey for the characters and that final episode made it very clear that it was the only thing the anime was really concerned about. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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